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Curious and Collaborative.

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I am Prachi Garg, a Product Designer with over a decade of cross-disciplinary design experience. With my background in eCommerce, Fin-tech, and startups, I unrelentingly advocate not only designing for people but also with people.

I seek opportunities that connect me with communities and their stories so that I can build user experiences more purposefully. 

I have designed digital interactions and defined product strategies working within diverse cross-functional teams. Before deepening my digital design skills,
I founded and owned an eCommerce business for 6+ years, with clients spanning 15+ countries. 

Leveraging my entrepreneurial background, I believe that in order to solve complex design problems, one requires both a business thinking lens and a research-rooted mindset.

I thrive in collaborative fast-paced spaces. My peers commend me for my ability to trim complex problems into simple visual narratives and my sheer optimism in the face of new challenges.  

What's working with me like

I communicate to create a shared understanding

I have seen too many meetings last forever and yet everyone working in a silo later.. simply because people weren't on the same page.

I harmonize and invest in relationships 

I love working with people, and a big part of that is being perceptive to everyone's motivations, needs, communication, and work style. A safe space.

I take my work very seriously but not myself

I never shy away from learning, being vulnerable, admitting mistakes, and asking questions while keeping work enjoyable. 

I bring creativity when things get tough

When it's time to go that extra mile, my team can count on me to bring in that enthusiasm and stamina to persevere. 

What others have to say

Prachi is wonderful to work with
and has a
bias for action. I had the pleasure of working with her through UX and UI for our MVP. During our engagement, she demonstrated immaculate work ethic and is sharp, and very methodical. We would love to engage her for more engagements, we definitely miss the energy.

Prachi earns my highest recommendation.

Prachi worked with me as a Fashion accessory intern in 2012. She assisted in the conceptualization and product development of a diffusion line of small bags and a signature collection of wooden handbags. She was always cheerful, full of ideas, and detail-oriented, and had the capability to see the process through sampling to a finished product quite efficiently. I highly recommend her for any creative/technical role.

"Prachi was an intelligent and hard-working member of our team and made sure to pursue effective designs regardless of whether such designs were difficult and required creativity. When given feedback on her designs, Prachi made sure to understand where improvements were to be made and what specifically we were looking for.  Prachi fit naturally into our team and we recommend her for whatever her next project may be as her innate kindness and natural intelligence will guide her to success."

When I am not working...

My days are often filled with capturing simple could-miss moments. It helps me recover when I feel creatively stunted. 

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