I am Prachi Garg, a UI/UX designer and Ex-founder from New York. 
Originally from India, I moved to the US in December 2019. Back home, I 
graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), 
with a Bachelors's degree in Product Design. Right after graduation, my curiosity leads me to dive deep into the world of Entrepreneurship in 2013 with No Strings Attacheda bespoke handcrafted fashion brand. A rollercoaster adventure that has truly shaped me for the better.

I have 7+ years of experience interacting with 5000+ users, synthesizing research, designing, strategizing, shipping 8500+ products globally, and managing high-intensity projects in the dynamic eCommerce industry. 
It was while designing my brand's website on WordPress that I came across the user-centered process and realized that I had been unknowingly incorporating parts of it in my self employed journey. After months of self-learning, I opted for a UX boot camp in April 2019 to better lay my foundation of UCD.
Today, my strengths lie in my interdisciplinary design thinking. I enjoy & embrace ambiguity. Coming from a background of design and business, I leverage skills from both worlds. It has taught me how to balance business goals and technical constraints while unrelentingly advocating for the user. 
I am actively seeking job/ internship opportunities in the New York area. If you find me to be a good fit for your company, please don't hesitate to reach out at mail.prachigarg@gmail.com or Linkedin.

When the work shoes come off

An advocate of healthy eating, yoga & Crossfit. A deep thinker, I love one on one conversations; you will often catch me people-watching, wondering what their journey has been and how their experiences have shaped them. I believe every person has a unique point of view to share; something we can learn from; if only we listen. 
✈️Have traveled to 11 countries
💃🏽Level 1 Belly dance & Intermediate level Salsa performer
🎪Showcased my creations at 50+ Exhibits across India
🤝AIESEC Bangalore leadership role for one year term during school
🏃‍♂️Completed 5k and 10k Marathon


I communicate my ideas and abstract thoughts through visuals that tell a story and help impart its meaning to others


My days are often filled with capturing simple could-miss moments. It helps me recover when I feel creatively stunted. 


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