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Made for fun + past projects

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# Game Design

Energy Wars: Clean Energy + Card Game

Designed a strategy card game in two weeks with this recipe
Platform: Cards + Mechanics: Testing & Imagination + Theme: Clean Energy


# Frameworks

Desktop - 79.png

I got a thing for making maps

A glimpse into one of my favorite classes in grad school: Systems Thinking. 
It opened me to thinking critically about the backend structures and processes that lend to a more holistic understanding of the entire system; the interconnections between different parts and their impact on one other. 

Helping refine my understanding of the problem space.


# Data Visualization


Highs & lows: The urge to quit social media

Designed an infographic on the urge to quitting social media through the
journeys of three personas supported by quantitative and qualitative data. 


# Rapid Prototyping

jello: a sentient companion for kids

Designed and prototyped a sentient product to bridge a connection between parents that 
are busy or physically distant and their young kids. 
~ storytelling companion for 3 - 6yrs old + a story-crafting app for parents. 

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# Self-learned

Quarantine Isolation Diary

Explored new mediums to continue communicating my thoughts best through visuals. 
Gouache // Acrylic // Procreate

2013 - 2019

# Entrepreneurship


How I accidentally started a business at 21

and ran it for six years! a handcrafted jewelry label where I designed and crafted over
9500+ bespoke 
pieces. Shipped them globally. Exhibited in over 50+ events all over India

and interacted with 'can't keep count' customers.


# Luxury Accessory Design

rach 2012-3.jpg

Launched at Indian Fashion Weeks

Designed and developed a collection of luxury handbags and jewelry. Inspired by botanical motifs and Rajasthani textiles

Materials: Silk, Teakwood, Leather, Suede, Metal 

Techniques: Laser Cutting, Embossing, Carving, Etching 


# Backpack Design

Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 2.18.26 PM.png

Fastrack: Backpack design for kids

Designed and developed a range of backpacks for client Fastrack fortheir young customers. 

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