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Curious and Collaborative.

Hi, I am Prachi Garg, a designer with a passion for research. With a knack for stepping out of my comfort zone, I constantly pull from my life experiences...

Fearless pursuit of the unexpected

Chose the path of creative independence at the age
of 21. I
founded and ran an eCommerce business and
a fashion boutique for 6+ years where I handcrafted over 9500 bespoke pieces, shipping them globally. 
// No Strings Attached LLP

Do what you love, love what you do

I have in the past, designed and developed furniture, lighting, packaging, and fashion accessories. I try to approach complex problems with a research-rooted mindset, through a business growth lens, and the
craft of a maker. 
// Designing since 2008


Do what you love, love what you do

A maker of things since 2004. I explored design and 
development of lighting, packaging, and fashion products through my bachelor in Accessory Design

Do what you love, love what you do

// Creating since 2008. 
Explored design and development of furniture, lighting, packaging, and fashion accessories
through my bachelor's in Accessory Design,
and past client projects. 

Serial Hobbyist

7 years = 7 new hobbies.
Practiced every day, for a year each.

Bellydance · Salsa · Kickboxing · Illustration
& Painting・Grapho-psychology · Volunteered

at  AIESEC India · Up-cycling  
2023 goal: Investing in the US market


I have in the past, designed and developed lighting solutions, packaging, and fashion accessories. No matter the design discipline, I try to approach problems with the craft of a maker, a research-rooted mindset, and a business lens. 

When the work shoes come off

An advocate of healthy eating, yoga & Crossfit. 
✈️Have traveled to 11 countries
💃🏽Level 1 Belly dance & Intermediate level Salsa performer
🎪Showcased my creations at 50+ Exhibits across India
🤝AIESEC Bangalore leadership role for one year term during school
🏃‍♂️Completed 5k and 10k Marathon


I communicate my ideas and abstract thoughts through visuals that tell a story and help impart its meaning to others

Check out my illustration explorations here. 


My days are often filled with capturing simple could-miss moments. It helps me recover when I feel creatively stunted. 

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